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i hear coyotes by my window legit every single night. and not just one but like, FIVE. the price i pay for living in the fucking sticks ugh.

its so weird tho bc before like, maybe every rare once in a while i’d hear them make a commotion or whatever and it’d be weird and i’d be like “whoa what the fuck” but now its eVERY NIGHT in the middle of the fucking night too jesus


 예수님 느낌 살짝나는 버키


 예수님 느낌 살짝나는 버키


If anyone ever needs to infodump and not get the whole ‘no one cares, shut up’ thing from allistics, I just want to say, you can always infodump in my inbox because I think autistic people who are passionate about what they love is amazing, and I love learning new things, so I will welcome anyone that every needs to infodump or rant here. I care, and I am always here to listen.

tell me why u follow me on anon

American kestrel

(photos by david g hemmings)

jesus christ every goddamn night there are some fuckin coyotes or some shit down the road who screech and howl and cause every dog in the neighborhood iNCLUDING MINE to go absolutely apeshit and it is driving me up the fucking wALL

hi, i was wondering if it would be okay to ask for you to tag things with views in perspective like the tallest building post you just did with 'heights' or 'vertigo' ? it would be super appreciated if you would

oh sure anon!! i gotta admit tho i might not remember since i usually only tag for like common triggering stuff like blood or gore or n.sfw but i will definitely try to remember from now on!! if i keep slipping up though feel free to unfollow me ok? i don’t want to accidentally keep making you uncomfortable or anything <333



Yo even though I’m a girl and Chinese, I need to speak up. It’s fine to talk and discuss about social issues, but if that’s all your partner would talk about, and if your partner keeps telling you that you can’t have an opinion, fucking break up with them.

Seriously, why are people cheering for the partner mentioned? She literally told him he did not have an opinion. She told him to never say a word of disagreement to him, just because of his gender and race. That’s emotional abuse. Good. Break up with her. You don’t need her.

You’re all disgusting people if you think that the partner was right to act like a total douche to him. 

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theres this thing called being an unreliable and biased narrator i dont know if youve ever heard of it???/ but it usually happens when the person telling the story wants to sway opinion in their favor or gain the sympathy of their audience which is uhhh pretty obviously the dude’s goal here???? ‘lol feel bad for me my girlfriend turned into an evil mean sjw and tried to talk to me about issues she cared about but i was probably an ignorant oversensitive idiot when she did so she dumped me )))):’

seriously im 99% sure this guy is just being a whiny pissbaby and over-exaggerating. my own brother says shit like this when i try to even casually talk to him about literally anything dealing with race, gender, or sexuality.

like i cant tell you how many times ive heard him say with exasperation “oh, what, so I dont get an opinion???” even though he…very much does get an opinion….. he is just SO used to his opinion being unquestioned and held above all others that he perceives someone questioning it and speaking their own opinion just as loudly to be “denying him” one

and like please are yall honestly taking a white dudes whiny fuckin reddit post about his breakup due to ‘those damn mean SJWs!!!11!!1!’ at face value??? come on now


A teenage secretly scaled New York’s tallest new building — and the photos are incredible

432 Park Avenue, a luxury high-rise condo in New York, isn’t officially open yet, but it’s already had its first unwelcome visitor.

Demid Lebedev, who’s better known as demidism on Instagram to his 11,527 followers, scaled the nearly 1,400-feet high skyscraper last week and boasted about it on the social network. 

Unfortunately, the police were following too | Follow micdotcom

MBTI In Stressful Situations


INFP: diligently ignores problem until it’s too big to manage
ESTJ: ‘exactly as i say, or else’
ISFP: lists and lists and lists and lists…
ESFJ: vocalizes everything they’re doing
ISFJ: ♫ move bitch, get out the way 
ENTP: too interested by the options to do anything
ISTJ: cool headed, but harsh like ice
ENFP: heart rate over 9000
INTP: never does anything despite completely understanding the problem
ENTJ: step aside or get crushed underfoot
ISTP: nothing like a full-blown crisis to get back into the zone
ENFJ: assumes responsibility and approaches with logic
INFJ: adrenaline rush or complete paralysis
ESTP: acts first, figures out later
INTJ: devises a universal system to resolve the problem for all time
ESFP: needs space to figure things out


favorite personality traits of steve rogers:

  • don’t tell me what to do
  • fuck your rules
  • no seriously, your rules are pointless and i’m ignoring them
  • fuck your bullshit
  • double dog dare me
  • lets fucking jump off this building!!!!!
  • i’m annoyed at everything you choose to be but recognize you need help and love
  • ~*sarcastic compliment*~
  • ~*barely concealed dry insult*~
  • the best tactical mind in the universe, lets plan this shit
  • i love my country that’s why i’m forever critical of it and mindful of the past and concerned for the future
  • loyalty and love above reason

steve rogers personality traits in fandom:

  • what does a microwave do idgi
  • gay people lol amirite
  • sure i’ll do whatever you say
  • math??????????????? science??????????
  • no, i would not like to participate in shenanigans
  • america fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ello me old guvner??

the new social network now exclusively for brits with cockney accents





Halloween falls right in the middle of asexual awareness week.
So, like, I’m not saying asexuals are super awesome skeleton warriors, but let’s look at the facts here…